Stripe Swimwear Backless


Material: Spandex / Polyester
Model Number : 77581
Gender: Women
Label: Accept Customized Labels
Customized packaging(Min. order 50 pieces)

MOQ: 10 set

OEM Service: OEM Design, Custom Logo/Tag/Label/Printing/Metal Accessories.


Exposed back: The open back design increases the sexiness and visual appeal of the swimsuit. The open design of the back is presented in various ways, and some may be cross straps, deep V necklines or other creative designs to make the wearer’s back more attractive.

Variety of styles: Stripe Swimwear Backless usually offers a variety of different colors, stripes and design style options to meet the taste and style needs of different wearers. This allows the wearer to choose the style they like best based on their preference.

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