Two Piece Swimdress Plus Size Swimwear

Service: OEM/ODM Service, Free Sample (support to customize your design/logo/label/packing bag & carton)
MOQ: 1pcs
Item Type:bikinis set
Waist Design:high waist
Item Type:bikinis set

MOQ: 10 set

OEM Service: OEM Design, Custom Logo/Tag/Label/Printing/Metal Accessories.


Style Meets Comfort: The Two Piece Swimdress Plus Size Swimwear combines an on-trend two-piece design with a comfortable swim skirt so you can stay stylish by the pool or beach without sacrificing comfort. This design is especially suitable for plump women, bringing them more choices and confidence.
Emphasizes your shape’s strengths: This swimsuit is designed to accentuate your shape’s strengths while subtly concealing possible problem areas. The upper part of the swimsuit provides good support and shape, while the swim skirt in the lower part covers the thighs and buttocks, making you look more confident and attractive when wearing it.
Variety of Styles and Patterns: Two Piece Swimdress Plus Size Swimwear offers a wide variety of styles and patterns to choose from, ranging from classic monochrome styles to stylish printed designs. Whether you like simple and classy or bold and dramatic, there’s a swimwear style for you.
ADJUSTABLE FIT: The two-piece design of the swimsuit allows you to adjust the fit of the upper and lower sections as needed to ensure an optimal fit. You can freely mix and match according to your personal preferences, and you can also adjust it according to different swimming occasions, which is convenient and practical.
Suitable for Many Water Activities: Two Piece Swimdress Plus Size Swimwear is not only suitable for swimming, but also suitable for many water activities, such as beach walking, water sports or attending pool parties. Its comfort and aesthetics make it ideal for holidays.

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