Cheeky VS Brazilian Bikini Bottoms

Are you considering for swimsuit bottoms that look excellent and minimalize those unpleasant tan lines? Your top two nominees for offering a bit extra skin are cheeky bikini bottoms and Brazilian swimsuit bottoms.

But now question arises is how do you know which style is the right one for you?

We identify it tough to stay up-to-date on all of latest swimsuit styles and what makes them different, that is why we’ve prepared detailed research for you and collected all of required info you need to determine best bathing suit bottom for you. You certainly do not want to spend on a bathing suit turned out to be annoying experience; particularly choosing impeccable sensual luxury fashionable bikini should be pleasurable to aid your sun bathing adventures.

Cheeky swim bottoms and Brazilian bikini bottoms are regularly standing among best popular bikini bottoms for posture more and reducing tan appearances, but do you can distinguish the variances between these two costumes bottom styles?

If you don’t, you’re not surely the only one!

Although maximum of us have heard of bold and Brazilian bikini bottom classes, but it can be challenging to recognize the distinction among these two classes without doing extra research. Luckily, we’ve full guesswork put together as an initial guide that relates these two prevalent swimsuit bottom styles consequently to know what they are and their pros and cons respectively.

We will walk you over each of the bikini bottom style; also let you know the contemplations you should keep in mind when you go to pick a suitable bikini bottoms for you. We shall discuss here that what kind of bikini is ultimate for each of your body type and would look great.

We will also discuss the actions for these bottoms ideally suited for and ones you should skip when wearing one of those.

Cheeky bikini bottoms

Have you ever heard of cheeky bikini bottoms but are not pretty sure what exactly they are?

Don’t worry here we are to aid you in on what exactly cheeky bikini bottoms are?

By means of slightly more difference with thong bikini bottom, cheeky bikini bottoms offers you minimal coverage and highlight your possessions with somewhat more coverage more skimpy bikini bottom styles. If you are in search for a bikini bottom as a happy medium with full coverage swimsuit bottom and a strap bikini bottom, or cheeky swimsuit bottom is the style you are looking for.

grey cheeky bikini bottoms

Cheeky bottoms are considered to be the impeccable partner for the days to relax in sun. It offers less tan lines for having filled bottoms which help you attain that sun-kissed expression along with desired show off of your body.

Also Keep in mind that this style will propose less coverage than any full bikini bottom, so if you are seeing for more exposure, this is not the perfect option for you. Cheeky bottoms can be a great option as your swimming costume, either you are curvy or have a smaller bottom.

If you are having more sufficient curves, it aids to emphasize your body’s great outline and enhances the lift. Even for less curvy folk’s cheeky bottom benefits to give their appearance more fuller shop. That is why this bikini style is a win-win for the accumulation of any shape and sizes in which not you will feel actually relaxed and confident.

To estimate if cheeky bikini suit you or not , we endorse to try on the pair to judge it goes well on your body, as well as appropriate for the activities you plan to participate in while wearing it. Because if you have to be worried about your bottoms while doing any activity it will ruin the enjoyment. We recommend you to save your cheeky bottoms for tanning days and choose a full bottom for action days.

Brazilian Bottoms

Do you know that a substantial quantity of swimwear sold in US has its grounds back in Brazil?

Brazilian bikini bottoms drop within the category which is quickly developing as one of the most wanted style in bikini bottom styles. Brazilian cut bikini is recognized for its sexy look and to minimize the tan lines. For some people, exposure amount it offers may be threatening, but for many others, it is a chance to show off their gym hard work with maximum exposure of the body. Brazilian bikini swimsuit is expected to compliment your body and benefit to shape for all sizes of bottoms because a Brazilian bikini exposes more skin than a cheeky bikini bottom.

Brazilian Bottoms

Brazilian Bikini Best for

One of the events which are preeminent align with Brazilian bikini bottom is tanning, because it allow the most skin exposure and aid to get perfect sun-kissed glow.

Brazilian bikini bottom also be useful for many other beach events, like stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking, but if you intend for more intense activities, it is better to select for a bikini bottom with more which makes you comfortable to focus on the task.

Brazilian swimwear also helps to amplify the sexiness of any body type and keep your lowermost looking filled and eye-catching.

Other Popular Bottom Styles for You

We just want to make certain that no matter what kind of bikini bottom you chose, you feel beautiful and relaxed. So if you are not comfortable to show more of your body, go for cheeky bottom or a full bottom which comes with more coverage. Same alike if you aim to show off your body more extensively then you should mainstay to a Brazilian one piece.

These styles are not sufficient for you? And you are not quite sure what you are looking for, don’t worry…!

There are more sufficient, fashion-forward and tempting bikini bottom styles to choose. Here we will introduce you to some of them to help you reach for the perfect one for you;

Full Bottoms

If you looking for a traditional bikini bottom which provides you enough coverage to feel relaxed for any of the pool activity? Not like Brazilian or cheeky bikini bottoms, a full cut bikini bottom should be your choice, because it is always a great option to look stimulating and stylish while still offering sufficient coverage.

Full bottoms comes in most versatile styles and if you love greater intense water activities, like wakeboarding or surfing then this kind of swimsuit is apt and most more reliable even when put in pressure.

High-Waisted Bottoms

If you’re in search of a bottom that will create vintage, classy vibe, a high waisted bottom should be your choice. These swimsuit bottoms will enhance your hips higher up by hitting on your natural waist. Many other different versions of this attractive style are in market as counting on high-cut legs to generate the impression of longer legs or low-cut legs to bid extra coverage.

High-waisted Bikinis

Have in mind that high-waisted bottoms will mark your tan lines, but also stay more steady and apt to stay set and would not sag down as having higher waist. If you are conscious about your belly, a high-waisted bottom offers you more covering of your lower stomach.

Tie Side Bottoms

Tie side swimsuit bottoms is most popular style of bikini today because of their modified average coverage and aptitude to give you a flawless fit. Having a tie on each side, you can regulate the fit whenever you must to stay relaxed all day long. Tie side bottoms appear great on all body forms and may be a great adding to your costume store.

But if you are arranging an intense activity like tubing or wakeboarding, you should opt for another bikini type as force of water may lose the ties.


Teeny Thong sorts as an extra flirty with g-string cut and a wider front as it sits ultra-low on hips, it stretches the look of torso. It offers more exposed appearance and show off of your gorgeous curves.


Hipster Thong Bikini Bottom is a playful model from its sides which adds a glamorous flare in it. This bottom is completely lined with a thin thong inseam, giving extra comfort. It has roundness on your backside, to make you feel sexy.


This exclusive Whale tail Thong bikini bottom is newest in G-string collection, with same front like Teeny Thong, but the back has a small pucker part, giving your curves a round look. It also offers comfort of a thong along unique pucker enhancement for more attractive appeal.


Coziness and sophistication come across in this Seamless Cheeky style. Dual sided cloth acts as padding in it and delivers a second-skin fit feel. It comes in minimal coverage style which balances with natural evenness of your skin and creates a timeless, contemporary look with enhanced comfort and appealing vibe.


Fashioned after traditional Brazilian Cheeky, this Mid-Rise Brazilian Cheeky bottom sorts a hem that is upraised 3/4″ higher on hips. This flair offers a higher waistline with same behind of customary Brazilian Cheeky fit, which adds an ultra-sexy charm.


This exclusive Teeny Brazilian Cheeky cut is an exact thong which offers minimal front-back coverage; and magnifies the roundedness of your curves. This style is related to Whale tail Thong but with slightest difference like pucker detailing which offers a smooth look. For an alluring appearance, choose this Brazilian Cheeky bikini bottom to your closet.



Half Pucker Back compromise a partial coverage for a hint of sensuality, which fits on your hips with full front coverage, offering sophistication and lovely fit. The behind has a wrinkle detail for rounding effect with partial.


Full Pucker offers most coverage than any of other Teeny B bottom. Two O-rings links side edges and shapes it into a unique style. This bikini bottom assembles low on hips from the front and back which shows off roundedness of curves, and generates a sophisticated look.


This Rio Pucker is a variant of Brazilian bottoms which offers highest rise in front as compared to other styles. Back rise of Rio Picker is also highest of all other swim suits. The back fitting combines with a curved top edge to offer modest coverage and pleasant round look to curves. Its front is as extensive as Full Pucker Back, but then again still delivers the similar unlimited Brazilian coverage and cheeky shape.


This Modern and iconic, Seamless Brazilian style offers luxury and glamour. Double-sided stuff acts as lining and offers a perfect even look.


Brazilian Half Pucker bikini bottom is sizzling eternally. It is a mix of Brazilian Back and Half Pucker Bottom, offering enough exposure of the curves. This exclusive style has pucker detail to highlight the full roundedness of backside for as more sexy expression with a flawless balance of sophistication and sensuality.



Brazilian Half Pucker II is fresh variety of reengineered bottoms, which is prepared to just fit great like Brazilian Half Pucker I minus side trimming. Somewhat broader side straps made of cloth without elastic allow you a comfortable fit. Exposure is same like Brazilian Half Pucker II, displaying just sufficient skin to produce your sexy look.


This shirred skirt devises an attached panty that permits you to be energetic and relaxed while originating flirty vibes.

The skirt displays a look of the curves, proposing an extra bouncy tease. This bottom is impeccably intended to embrace and contour your hips and gives a light effect and deluxe feel.


This modest Ruffled Skirt bikini bottom sorts a sexy Brazilian cut, with small skirt goes round the entire top layer which offers a playful appeal alongwith a seductive look.


This Brazilian full pucker is an excessive choice for persons who desires full pucker but then again want to display a little more boldness. Cut like Brazilian bikini bottom style comprises pucker feature to focus on your curves. With average exposure, this Brazilian full pucker is hot select to enhance your bikini collection.


In this Brazilian Full Pucker series the Brazilian Full Pucker II has no cross trims. This bikini bottom will make you feel most aesthetic while offering an additional dose of luxury. The strips are made of fabric but slightly wider in width, offers coverage, simplicity, and graceful take at a time.


This Hipster Cheeky bikini bottom version comes with impeccable balance of luxury and style. It is also an athletic fit which offers supreme flexibility, while cheeky cuts add an exciting sexy touch.


This artistic spin with classic boy short will surely catch your attention. The front of this Shortie bikini appears like low-cut bikini bottom, plus sides edges are advanced extensive to expose a sensual, modest coverage from back.


Surf Shortie is considered as a sleeker and narrow edition to original Shortie. Deprived of side ruching, narrower side straps with less back coverage, and the showcase curves by this bikini attains the boldest look ever.


Here 5-String Shortie is reimagined to fit exactly like traditional Shortie. In Contrast of 4-string Bikini this bottom has original binding, removing any elastic to confirm a relaxed and flattering fitting, with attractive side ropes, this brave bikini bottom is certain to attain attention.


This charming bottom is perfect mixture of charm and dreamy allure, as in it boy short bottom is altered with tie edges in silky soft Glissenette material. Extra-long strips sanction a sensual bow to fall down, with addition of a spicy flare. Its Elastic ties increase comfort of Tie Side Shortie, because it stays effortlessly on place.


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