Top 10 China Top Swimwear Manufacturers

Are you quiet concerned about discovering an impeccable bikini manufacturer? Are you worried about the possibility of meeting a bad provider? Today we introduce the Top 10 China Top Swimwear Manufacturers.

Here we are to help you with 6 tips to help you.

  1. Discover a swimsuit expert company through any website or see if they are into customer services and deals, corporations with a perfect division of labor tend to be more certified.
  2. Connect to company sales staff; their amount of professionalism is also helpful to judge good and bad of the company.
  3. Look out the factory has a professional designer to do so.
  4. A new bikini company will practice the white label technique to launch the brand as soon as possible.
  5. The quality controller must be prepared during handling whether by workers, managers, clothing packers, or employing inspectors.
  6. Nobody can tell you more accurate information than previous or previous customer experience, so if any of my friends recommend it, that’s the best option to go.

Let’s now discuss shipping, certified swimwear companies have their own associates from whom we can get our goods as soon as possible.

Fashion Two Piece Push up Mini Swimsuits

Where to find a swimwear manufacturer

It is also important to have a swimsuit manufacturer who is special in swimsuit manufacturing, so let’s see how to find one. (Recommended reading how to find a swimwear manufacturer)

The Internet

The very first place to start your hunt is Google. But good SEO use and marketing expenses do not mean that outlet will create quality fashion or supply on time or at all. The internet is a little like Wild West when it is to suppliers.

However, indeed Google is worthy place to start the research. Go to discover small but promising brands and reach out to them if they would like to share their dealers. Many brands will say no, but a few will say yes, and they will be great supply for pre-vetted beachwear manufacturers. You can also discover dealers through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube, even though Google is used maximum for product discovery.

Trade Fairs

You should also visit leisurewear fairs and craft shows. Hundreds of occasions are held each year, bringing together best beachwear companies in the industry. This is mainly because many swimwear shows do not allow manufacturers to be associated with their events unless they have a good reputation. These Fairs and displays will let you get in touch directly to producers in person. You will get a sense for the kind of company they are, and recognize whether you can work well together on a professional basis.

The industrialists attending the occasions are probably would be already working with popular and well-known swimming costume brands. So take this chance to find out the best kind of swimwear producers in the industry.

Recommendations from friends

Occasionally the greatest way to discover a personalized swimwear manufacturer is to inquire with any of the friends associated to the clothing industry. They regularly have in-depth and first-hand information of the industry, and this communication can cover the mode to enter into each other’s occupational circles or build trust later on.

Everything we need to know as a swimwear manufacturer

Market research

Exploring the marketplace is a central thing to do for your desired stuff and there is a figure of things you should consider in order to grow in the swimwear industry for the long term, which we are covering below as;

  • Customer background and need
  • What they like
  • What are their distinctive buying patterns?
  • What kind of beachwear do they like
  • What is their disposable income?
  • What to look for in a bikini

Swimwear design

Beachwear design is actually the most significant object, times are stirring fast and people’s partialities are becoming more varied, so diverse designs often hold diverse clientele, so select a dealer who can design a great variety of swimwear.

Sourcing fabrics

While picking beachwear, several people may surprise why they don’t just wear underclothing. In fact, material is one of the major alterations amongst beachwear and steady underwear. Beachwear cloths often have some factors; coziness, light weight, resilience, quick drying, high elasticity etc.

Swimsuit fabrics are accessible most of the time in nylon, polyester, elastane, polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), cotton, hemp, ECO-NYL, etc. We can pick diverse materials according to different market requirements.

Swim trim

Swim trim is a significant feature of swimsuit enterprise fabrications while picking among some categories of swim trim we go for such items like lining, elastic, and rubber bones. (how to start a swimsuit line)

Top 10 China Top Swimwear Manufacturers

Best Show

It is one of the finest swimsuit producers in the world, having thousands of clientele internationally. As they have 20 years of skills in manufacturing worthy bikini products and accessories, they have an extensive range of leisurewear products, from women’s beachwear to men’s swimsuits. They also deal in online shopping for wholesale orders at sale prices. They target to inspire entrepreneurs to pace up to the market and generate amazing trades. Their slogan is to yield products that are safe for the body and the same time for the environment, alongside satisfaction to their clients. (swimwear manufacturers China)


YINGFA’s research and growth team is also in tune with the present world demand for beachwear projects, That is why YINGFA yields swimming accessories for diverse sets of people to provide every swimmer a competitive material about their needs.

Since 20 years, the company has been rising healthily and energetically. It has two big beachwear, goggle and silicone swimming caps production workshops with outstanding technology and equipment with expert technical personnel. Every year, the R&D team endures revolutionizing new concepts of excellence in the beachwear industry, observing new trends in the swimming world.


Originated in 1996, ZOKE has been dedicated to the growth and advertising of swimming sports gear and seaside resort equipment, always maintain the brand notion of “committed to the promotion of national fitness, scientific fitness and popular sports, make life better”, and endeavor to form “China’s most influential fashion Sports brand”.Over the ages, we have maintained a “professional, fashionable and international” brand reference, building more passionate, self-confident and enjoyable sports practice and lifestyle for further expert and fashionably fit people, letting many customers to enjoy fun of sports, release their potential and advance their quality of life through swimming and fitness.

Amour Group

Amour is a source of underwear solutions for thousands of families in China. Product research and expansion adhere to technology in the product, culture, creativity in product, health, and continue to improve the produce strength benefit, has endowed in establishment of  “North Service – Amo underwear research institute” and “the first body – Amo sports function clothing research Centre”, research and growth is certainly appropriate for consumer’s living situations, and remain to meet and lead the customer.

Amore is a visionary brand marketing, which has a sales attendance closely in 300 cities in China and abroad marketplaces. Amore has constructed an active Omni channel sales method, invented and supported physical retail terminuses, and discovered new retailing field such as big facts application, simulated intelligence and Internet of Things. Beginning from the customers, Amore assimilates assets across borders and provides consumers with personalized new shopping experiences and facilities.

Embry Holdings Limited

Embry Holdings Limited is also a foremost lingerie brand and store in China. Initiated in 1975 Hong Kong, China, Embry has full-grown into a huge up-to-date enterprise after 40 years of operation.

To date, Embry has a marketing attendance in over 300 cities of China, counting Hong Kong and Macau, with above 1,800 retailing outlets. Embry Form is not only a trader of women’s lingerie, but also effectively established high quality and expanded brands like “EMBRY FORM”, “FANDECIE”, “COMFIT”, “LIZA CHENG”, “E-BRA”, “EMBRY FORM” and “FANDECIE”. “E-BRA”, “IVU”, “IADORE”, “LUCIE’S WORLD ” and other lingerie product collections.


BALNEAIRE, a styling swimsuit brand, has been aiming on fashion beachwear for 37 years recognized as fashionable high-end swimsuit brand worn by above 100 celebrities of China. A first-class enterprise team and top-notch apparel artists effortlessly generate, introducing new trends of global fashion beachwear and assigning a light and luxury lifestyle, shaping the elegant appearance for independent modern woman, Vandoorne has continuously invigorated a confident, free and daring attitude towards life of the contemporary women. Several collections and hundreds of products are launched by them every year. It is Marketing well in style capitals such as Paris, Milan and London also, the collection retails well abroad as a leader in fashion swimwear industry.


TOSWIM is also a well-known swimming brand of One Swim Beijing Trading Co Ltd, founded in 2014, and is market leader in spongy towel group partnership, and this year in October also launched the Swim Goggle Man UV sensor which had mass production success.

Fujian Jinjiang Horn bearer Garment Co.

Fujian Jinjiang Horn bearer Garment Co.Ltd. is a wide-ranging initiative integrating development, design, production and deals, largely engaged in beachwear, , beach trunks, swimming goggles, swimming caps, yoga, fitness and other series of products. Ongoing from 1985, a well-known trademark of beachwear apparel, with inclusive enterprise mixing design, development, production sales and mainly with swimwear, yoga wear, fitness wear, beach trunks, swimming goggles, swimming caps and other goods.


Lining is a trained sport Trademark Company founded in 1990 by Mr. Li Ning, “Prince of Gymnastics”, who has a household name in China as one of the prominent sports brand companies. It has an all-inclusive brand presentation, research and development, design, manufacturing, distribution and wholesale aptitude. Li Ning emphases on professional and casual sports footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories under Li Ning brand. It has also a wide established retail delivery network and resource chain management organism in China. From 30 June 2020, the sum of Li Ning points of in China is totaled as 5,973, and it is growing in Southeast Asia , India, Central Asia, Japan and Korea, North America and Europe day by day.

Mani form Brand

The Mani form brand was initiated in 1996 with the brand intention of “You are born sexy”. Mani form lures inspiration from the fashion world, culture and art of living, and combines the outcomes of 20 year experience and dedication to research on ergonomics and machinery continuously developing high-quality lingerie products.

They are covering styles of lingerie, home, sports, cotton, men’s, children’s and beauty sets and six sub-brands to stay in practice of providing a high-quality regime with a stability of luxury, utility and aesthetics in richer categories.


This is the end of Top 10 China Top Swimwear Manufacturers. I believe you will know how to choose a swimwear manufacturer after reading this. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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