20 Best Skimpy Bikini Brands in 2023

As the new year begins, now is the ideal time to purchase the perfect swimsuits from the top brands. With winter in full swing, our minds are already dreaming of warmer days and sandy beaches. Fortunately, the skimpy bikini industry is responding to this need by offering a wide selection of new arrivals, as well as discounted skimpy bikinis from last year’s collection. So, if you’re planning a beach vacation, now is the perfect time to get the perfect swimsuit at a great price. Related: bikini style

20 Best skimpy bikini brands

There are 20 best skimpy bikini brands we will be looking at today, in no particular of good or bad ranking:

  1. Best show
  2. Oh Polly 
  3. Frankies Bikinis 
  4. Gooseberry Seaside 
  5. Tropic of C 
  6. Montce Swim 
  7. LSpace 
  8. Andie Swim 
  9. Acacia Swimwear 
  10. Mikoh 
  11. Solid & Striped 
  12. Beach Bunny Swimwear 
  13. KAOHS
  14. For Love & Lemons
  15. BoutineLA
  16. Indah
  17. Luli Fama
  18. Minimale Animale
  19. FAE Swim
  20. Gigi C Bikinis

Below let’s take a look at each skimpy bikini brand.

2023 Bikini Market Trend Analysis

1. Best Show 

Best show is an Chinese based company and styling brand that focuses to create fashionable and high-quality skimpy bikini swimsuit originated in 2001. Since then it has become a standard optimal among fashion fans globaly. Best show deals with a wide collection of skimpy bikini styles, counting their signature neoprene bikini that comes in diverse vibrant shades and exclusive designs.

They also propose diversity of other beachwear selections such as one-piece bikinis, cover-ups, and decorations. This corporation prides itself on their guarantee to produce high-quality products, both stylish and handy with best materials and production techniques. Triangl has developed a reliable brand in skimpy bikini swimsuit industry till now.

2. Oh Polly 

Oh Polly is a modern brand offering extensive collection of stylish clothing and skimpy bikini bikini options established in 2015 based in United Kingdom and rapidly turn out to be a standard choice among fashion devotees internationally. Oh Polly’s beachwear mark structures a variation of styles, plus their signature figure-flattering swimsuits, one-piece bikinis, and even cover-ups. This brand is recognized for its courtesy to details and use of high-quality resources, guaranteeing their products as stylish plus durable. Having a resilient social media presence and pledge to inclusivity, Oh Polly has emerged as go-to trademark for ladies looking for on-trend, stylish leisurewear options.

3. Frankies Bikinis 

Frankies Bikinis is also a general beachwear brand that bids a variability of skimpy bikini flairs, counting Brazilian cuts, high-leg cuts, and also string bikinis in lively colors and patterns.

4. Gooseberry Seaside 

Gooseberry Seaside is a Canadian brand offering handmade skimpy bikini swimsuits with an emphasis on minimalistic designs and super quality bikini materials, That’s why their swimsuits are recognized for their satisfying cuts and unique detailing.

5. Tropic of C 

Tropic of C is a viable beachwear brand founded in 2018 by fashion model Candice Swanepoel, based in United States and it is very well known for its exclusive and eco-friendly designs inspired by Swanepoel’s love for natural world. Tropic of C’s beachwear streak have variety of elegances, plus signature high-waisted swimsuits, one-piece bikinis, and cover-ups. Brand is devoted to using supportable resources, reducing leftovers, and endorsing decent industrial practices, with a sturdy focus on sustainability has developed a preferred amongst eco-conscious customers looking for fashionable and high-quality beachwear selections.

6. Montce Swim 

Montce Swim is Miami-based product that proposes a series of skimpy bikini flairs, counting high-waisted, Brazilian cut and one-shoulder swimsuits. Their costumes are branded for their sole prints and full of fun designs.

7. LSpace 

LSpace is a California-based trademark offering great variation in skimpy bikini swimsuit styles, containing triangle tops, bandeau tops, and high-waisted bottoms. Their skimpy bikini swimming suits come in a wide range of shades and patterns also famous for their excellence and coziness.

8. Andie Swim 

Andie Swim a US-based brand contributing in stylish skimpy bikini swimsuit, as well as skimpy bikini styles. You can find a wide range of colors and designs along with comfortable and pleasure.

9. Acacia Swimwear 

Acacia skimpy bikini swimwear a Hawaii-based brand proposing a wide choice in skimpy bikini styles,(10 Best Plus Size Swimwear Brands) plus triangle tops, Brazilian bottoms, and one-shoulder tops and they are very well known for unique patterns in beach designs.

10. Mikoh 

Mikoh is also luxury skimpy bikini swimsuit product founded in 2010 by two sisters Oleema and Kalani Miller. This corporation is founded in Orange County, California famous for its exclusive and advanced fashion designs inspired by the sisters’ love for surfing and sea.

Mikoh’s skimpy bikini swimsuit chain structures a diverse range of styles, along with their signature minimalistic yet fashionable bathing suit, one-piece bikinis, and cover-ups. The product is also recognized for its usage of high-quality resources, inventive designs, and courtesy to element with resilient emphasis on sustainability, Mikoh has grown into most desired among eco-conscious buyers who are seeing for high-end, stylish swimsuit choices caring to environment.

11. Solid & Striped 

Solid & Striped a New York centered brand deals in a series of skimpy bikini swimsuit styles, counting triangle tops, high-waisted bottoms, bandeau tops and also a great range of shades and patterns and everlasting designs.

12. Beach Bunny Swimwear 

Beach Bunny Swimwear is a California-based product that bids a variety of skimpy beachwear styles, comprising triangle tops, Brazilian bottoms, and skimpy bikinis in sexy and bold designs.

13. KAOHS 

KAOHS is a California centered brand that offering skimpy swimsuit styles, counting trio tops, Brazilian bottoms, and high-waisted bottoms with a great range in colors and prints with lot of comfort and easiness.

14. For Love & Lemons 

For Love & Lemons a California-based product offering wide range of skimpy bikini styles, triangle tops, high-waisted bottoms, and in one-piece costumes. Their costumes are famous for their girlish and dreamy designs.

15. BoutineLA 

BoutineLA is a fashion trademark specialized in producing stylish and reasonably priced beachwear, which was established in 2014 and business is centered in Los Angeles rapidly gaining popularity among style enthusiasts throughout the world. BoutineLA’s swimsuit line has a variety of styles, along with their signature sassy bikinis, one-piece skimpy bikini swimming suit, and cover-ups. This brand is also well-known for its courtesy to elements and the use of high-quality resources, certifying their goods both stylish and resilient. They don’t compromise on excellence and style also following a budget friendly route.

16. Indah 

Indah is a Bali-based trademark which offers a great collection of skimpy bikini and styles, comprising Brazilian cut bottoms, triangle tops, and one-piece skimpy bikini swimsuits which are known for unique prints and beachy designs.

17. Luli Fama 

Luli Fama is also another Miami-based brand offering wide skimpy bikinis and is known for their exciting colors and bold prints.

18. Minimale Animale 

Minimale Animale is a US-based for skimpy bikini styles high-cut bottoms, triangle tops and strappy and provoking designs.

19. FAE Swim 

FAE Swim is a frill beachwear brand founded in 2016 also by two sisters Anna and Iza Dejuk, based in Australia and is known for its exclusive and cultured designs. FAE Swim’s swimsuit chain also features a variety of designs, styles, with their signature high-waisted bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, and cover-ups.

The brand is also patented for its usage of first-class ingredients, advanced designs, and courtesy to details and sustainability.

20. Gigi C Bikinis 

Gigi C Bikinis is also a US-based product that bids a series of skimpy bikini swimsuit styles, containing Brazilian cut bottoms, triangle tops, and thread bikinis. Their bikinis are identified for their erotic and plain designs, with focusing on eminence of quality and courtesy to details.


What type of bikini is best for small bust?

Triangle style bikini tops is best for those with small breasts, as Triangle style bikini tops requires less support from the chest. And Triangle style bikini tops has many different molds, so that different shapes can be defined.

Why cheeky bikini bottoms are trendy?

Because it can perfectly reflect our curves, the shape of the buttocks perfectly show. It also makes your legs look long.


The above is 20 Best Skimpy Bikini Brands in 2023. If you are looking for a low moq bikini manufacturer, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you as soon as possible after receiving it.

If you have any questions about Skimpy Bikini Brand, please leave a comment below.

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